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YesHoney Collective provides actionable content for creative entrepreneurs who value vision, accountability, and community. Every year YesHoney Collective brings together designers, brand specialists, photographers, developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers from across the country to deliver business resources and align your vision with success. 

This time, our conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Gathering Spot – ATL, a cutting-edge business and social club.

YesHoney Collective breaks down walls, opens doors, and shatters glass ceilings by creating the businesses, communities, & tables we want to see.

Join us and get your glow up at the conference! You don’t want to miss it!



Our speakers are about that action…

Tirzah Moneé

Tirzah Moneé

Founder of YesHoney Collective - International Creative Brand Strategist

Tirzah Johnson is an award-winning web designer, developer, and public speaker. However, she spends most of her time as a Brand Strategist & Accountability coach, helping entrepreneurs pave their road to success. As the founder of YesHoney Collective, she provides resources to help entrepreneurs and creatives achieve their goals.

Georgia Dawkins

Georgia Dawkins

Host - Award-Winning Producer - Author

Georgia Dawkins is “The Purpose Producer.” From ABC’s Good Morning America to FOX’s Central Avenue, Georgia has worked within various television genres, including local news, network news, talk shows, reality television, and entertainment news.

D'Shaun Campbell

D'Shaun Campbell

Host - Entrepreneur - Business Consultant

D’Shaun Campbell combined his entrepreneurial flame and business administration background by founding Succeed Administrative Consultant Firm. With his firm, D’Shaun’s goal is to cultivate strong relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners. He also assists in vision execution from goal formation to ensuring process completion to success.

Madison Jaye

Madison Jaye

Spiritual Journalist • Media Influencer • Podcastor

Madison Jaye is a TED x speaker, an International Media Personality, and 11-time award-winning Spiritual Journalist. As a Spirituality and Spiritual Healing specialist, Madison’s self-titled podcast is now on IHeartRadio podcasting and in partnership with Pandora.

Crystal L Bass

Crystal L Bass

Blogger • Publisher • Author

Honored by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson for her creative writing contributions, Crystal L. Bass is a serial entrepreneur, international traveler, and definition of the term “GOAL DIGGER.” Shortly after her first book release, Crystal fulfilled her dreams of being a playwright and director by turning her novel Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle into the stage play Ain’t No Love, Like a Mother’s Love.

Ari Hale

Ari Hale

CEO • Business Coach

Arielle “Ari” Hale is a dynamic and innovative business coach, marketing specialist, and project management connoisseur. She has spent the past decade of her professional career improving the positioning, revenue, and efficiency of small businesses, turning them into six-figure income opportunities.



Entrepreneur • Investor • Wealth Coach

Beez is an engineer specializing in computer science and mathematics. She enjoys sparking interest in technology and helping others build a solid financial foundation through her best-selling financial literacy book, The Financial Literacy Kit.

Auntee Rik

Auntee Rik

Business Operations • Systems Specialist

Rikki “Auntee Rik” Payne is a trusted operations and systems specialist with a knack for taking her clients’ businesses from disorganized and chaotic to efficient and organized. Her mission is to enable business owners to give good service. 

Dewane Mutunga

Dewane Mutunga

Writer • Coach • Certified Behaviorist

Dewane Mutunga is a certified coach, consultant, and entrepreneur with a burning desire to bring out the best in people and help them live more fulfilling purpose-driven lives. His firm, Wise Insights, helps executives and teams succeed by increasing their self-awareness, improving their performance, and building better relationships.  hips.

Ogechukwu Madu

Ogechukwu Madu

Entrepreneur • Investor • Author

Ogechukwu Madu is a real estate investor, author, and serial entrepreneur. Ogechukwu increases investor finances by providing Blackseed Group investment vehicles: Blackseed360 membership platform, BlackseedShares, and Blackseed Revitalization Fund I.

Jasmine Griffin

Jasmine Griffin

Certified Life Coach

Jasmine Griffin is a Certified Life and Relationship coach. Jasmine helps women uncover their life purpose, learn to take actionable steps to reach their goals, and build healthy relationship dynamics and habits. Jasmine will share how you can hit your goals in her Goal Hitters workshop.

Bianca Solo

Bianca Solo

Certified Personal Trainer • Online Fitness Coach

Bianca Solo is a Certified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach. She provides direction, support, and customized game plans to mothers and career-oriented women wanting to strengthen their energy, confidence, and health in their life.

River Mason

River Mason

Entrepreneur • Actor • Model

River, is 10 years old and has been featured in Forbes and worked with someone of the top celebrities in the business. River is also an entrepreneur, actors, author and well know socialite. This year actor and model River Mason  joins us on our “young entrepreneurs panel” to give you all the details.

Layla Marie

Layla Marie

Entrepreneur • Podcastor • Blogger

Layla Marie is a young entrepreneur, blogger, owner of her own e-commerce site, as well as the creator of the Totallylayla Podcast, and YouTube Channel. She creates content for preteens, teenagers, and young adults to talk about Life entrepreneurship and growing up in this generation.

Shameen Yakubu

Shameen Yakubu

SEO Consultant • Founder of Writing on Offense

Shameen Yakubu is an SEO consultant and content strategist that helps B2B and eCommerce brands bring in organic search traffic. With a background in business development, Shameen enjoys creating high-quality content that impacts businesses and their customers.



YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference Recap Photo with Deanna S Kent, Caroline Lawless, Arielle Hale, and Founder Tirzah M. Johnson
YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision Conference Recap Photo with Josh Smith, Ogechukwu Money Madu, Brandon Jones, Josh Desheilds of Corporate Coke and Smack, Adrian Kennedy, and Founder Tirzah M. Johnson











This 1-day conference experience offers actionable content to take you from start up to Glow Up.

Onsite Ticket Includes:

  • A  day of actionable growth sessions Friday 
  • Catered YesHoney Collective Brunch
  • Self-Development Assessment Profile
  • A dope after party with DJ 5D so you can continue networking in a more casual environment.
  • An opportunity to network with and meet sponsors, speakers, and other YesHoney Collective community members, including business owners, designers, developers, agency owners, bloggers, copywriters, freelancers, site owners, and more

Join us in person for $285 or via live stream for $97. Group Rates are available. 

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$285 In Person

The Gathering Spot ATL
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The Sunflower Theory

YesHoney Collective creates transformational educational experiences that deliver real-world skills for entrepreneurs and build bridges for a lifetime of opportunity.

Each year, YesHoney Collective professionals come together to discuss wealth, entrepreneurship, industry secrets, and strategies to accelerate growth and profitability for the future. 

Our goal is for each attendee to leave with a robust network of people supporting them as they GROW in a way that will impact not only them but everyone who witnesses their journey. 

This is where the Sunflower Theory comes into play. In mathematical theory, sunflowers follow the Fibonacci sequence, meaning their florets in optimal conditions grow at 136.508° separation between the floret before it. Much like sunflower florets, we push our collective members to grow past their comfort zone to reach new levels of opportunity. 

Through this sunflower theory, we believe in these four things (florets) to get you to your GLOW UP, or your transformation: self-reflection, self-awareness and a willingness to learn, making an impact through teaching others, and stewardship, mentoring others, and building a community. 

Get ready for a day of actionable programming, informative workshops, and engaging talks to help bring you closer to your GLOW UP for 2021.






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Thanks to Our Sponsors!

It takes a village to bring these events to fruition. We are thankful for our community of sponsors that continue to make this possible.